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Tuesday, 24 February 2015


On the 29th of January we made four pizzas with the English teacher.
First, we divided the class into two groups. Then, the teacher showed us the ingredients: some grated cheese, some ham, some tomato sauce, a can of olives, three cans of tuna, four pizza pre-made doughs, some pineapples, some pepperoni and some bacon strips.
Next, we started making the pizza in groups and finally we brought them to the school's cook, Francesc. When the pizzas were ready we ate them. Mmmmm.... delicious.
(text written by the 6th B students)

Monday, 23 February 2015


Do you know what the Guinness Record Book is?

It is a book where you can find people who are exceptional for many reasons. Here you have some examples:
  • The biggest mouth belongs to Francisco Domingo Joaquim from Angola and it measures …17 cm!!!
  • Mehmet Ozyurek, from Turkey, has got the longest nose in the world. It measures 9.2 cm!!!

In the class of 5th we have been working the superlative issue talking about our Class Record Guiness. It was very funny. Let’s see some photos.